Easy Make Money Online Opportunities in America

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Or read this page to learn how to earn money online in the state of Oklahoma.

In fact, these tips can apply generally to residents of any U.S. state. 

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1. Become an Online Retailer 

Many Oklahoma entrepreneurs make money online by selling goods and services on ebay. First, Visit ebay, etsy, and Amazon to see what other sellers are doing.

Next, scout for low-cost items at thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets.

You can also buy low cost inventory in quantity from wholesale factory outlets.

Here's a short list of popular wholesale distributors in Oklahoma:

  • Albert Brothers Distributors in Elk City
  • Campbell Wholesale Company in Tulsa
  • Duncan Wholesale Company in Duncan
  • Mid America Wholesale in Enid
  • Standard Distributing in Sapulpa
  • Stephenson Wholesale in Lawton

2. Search for Jobs on Craigslist.

One very popular and Easy Make Money Online idea is to scan craigslist every day for job opportunities that allow you to work remotely. 

Apply for all positions that suit your individual needs. Special skills are not necessarily required. ALL types of online jobs are available. 

Search both the Jobs section and the Gigs section in your area.

Then search other geographical areas. After all, your idea is to telecommute. 

Inquire with a well written intro letter, and attach a Professional Resume.

3. Contact Big Businesses.

Big businesses in Oklahoma have many online positions available to work-from-home professionals.

Contact major business by visiting the career pages of each company's website. Visit the site regularly to keep informed of new ways to make money online.

These are some of Oklahoma's largest employers: 

  • Bank of Oklahoma
  • Chesapeake Energy Corporation
  • Credit Union One of Oklahoma
  • Deaconess Hospital
  • First Fidelity Bank
  • Muskogee Regional Medical Center
  • Norman Regional Hospital
  • Quick Trip Corporation
  • Valley View Regional Hospital
  • Woodward Regional Hospital

4. Build a Website.

Building a dedicated SEO website is the most cost-effective, low-risk Easy Make Money Online idea for most of today's businesses. Learn how to build your own website.

A DIY website software package should cost no more than about $300 per year. Yet, profits earned from ads can often exceed $300 a month.

More Easy Make Money Online Ideas

5. Be an Independent Contractor.

Here's a list of home based businesses that are popular in the state of Oklahoma:

  • Administrative Services
  • After School Workshops
  • Career Placement Services
  • Catering
  • Coaching
  • Consultation
  • General Contracting Services
  • Home Delivery
  • Internet Research
  • Transportation Services
  • Tutoring

To get started, advertise your services on craigslist, and have some business cards made. 

No matter which business you choose to start, why not start today?

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