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In the beginning, we denounced Donald Trump as a clown. The mass media labeled him “The Orange Buffoon.” Many of us thought Donald Trump running for president must be some kind of a joke. After all, he wasn't even a politician before he started running for president. And what's with the hair? Is he for real?

But he was already quite famous for the billions he made as a real estate developer, and for his long running reality TV show. We knew him as a man of great accomplishment, a man who does what he sets out to do, despite the ridiculous hairstyle. His presidential victory may not be so shocking after all. 

What is shocking is that 26 percent (that's about one in 4!) Latina women also voted for Trump, despite his open hostility toward Latinos throughout his campaign. 

No one really knows for sure why so many Latina women voted for Trump. One can only guess that Latinas who voted for Trump are either

1. Mexican women obeying the orders of their husbands (who would never vote a woman into office under any circumstances), or

2. Non Mexican Latina women, perhaps Cuban or Puerto Rican. Or

3. Mexican women with Green Cards who secretly want their freeloading relatives sent back to Mexico.

Whatever the case, people assume this guy must have considerable charisma to be getting so many Latino votes, not to mention so many female votes (more than half of white women voted for Trump).  

To make a long story short, Trump gained presidential office by making blatantly false statements, either spoken or posted on his Twitter account. This constitutes Donald Trump Politics. 

What a great idea!

Donald Trump can be reached personally through this website. 

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