Dirt Cheap Airline Ticket and Places to Stay in Iowa

Here's how you can score a Dirt Cheap Airline Ticket, discounted ground transportation, budget accommodations, and low-cost activities throughout the state of Iowa.

For low-cost travel options everywhere in America, visit any of the links shown below.

Or read on to find clean, convenient overnight accommodations in Iowa, plus enjoy fun activities, sample fine regional cuisine, and experience other local Iowa treasures that don't cost a lot. 

Shown above: The city of Des Moines.

photo credit: city-data.com 

Dirt Cheap Airline Ticket to Iowa

For the best deals on round trip flights to Iowa, simply visit priceline.com, search your desired dates and destination, then click the "Name Your Own Price" option. Doing this can save you up to 40 percent on the cost of your flight.

Even better if you travel during non-peak season.

Be aware that certain rules apply to naming your own price on priceline.

For instance, scoring a Dirt Cheap Airline Ticket might require that NO changes can be made to your itinerary, and that NO part of your payment can be refunded.

For maximum savings, book your dirt cheap airline ticket to Iowa at least two weeks in advance. 

Also, compare prices for all major airports accessible from your area. For example, you can use the Name Your Own Price feature to score a round trip flight from San Francisco to Des Moines for about $300.  From there you can easily access any Iowa city by bus. 

Other accessible airports include Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Omaha, Nebraska.

affordable Accommodations in Iowa

To score the lowest possible rates on overnight accommodations in Iowa, find the lowest priced hotel on priceline for the city you are visiting.  Then choose the Name Your Own Price option.

For even deeper discounts, reserve your room at least two weeks in advance.

Taking advantage of priceline's promotional features (such as the "Name Your Own Price" option) can lower your hotel rates by as much as sixty percent. 

For example, the city of Des Moines has more than a hundred hotels.  You can use priceline to get a hotel room in downtown Des Moines for as little as $50 a night. Hotels in Cedar Rapids can start at about $25 a night. 

Cheap hotels in Iowa are not hard to find.

You can save even more money on a Dirt Cheap Airline Ticket and discount accommodations in Iowa by using priceline to book your flight, rent a car, and reserve a hotel room all at the same time. 

You can also search craigslist for sublets, vacation rentals, and other short-term living situations in your city of destination. 


Iowa's major bus lines are Greyhound, Trailways, and Jefferson Lines.

Greyhound Stations are peppered throughout the state. See the link below for s full list of Greyhound bus stations. 

The Jefferson Lines serve the cities of

  • Ames
  • Clarinda
  • Clear Lake Junction
  • Des Moines
  • Dudley's Corner
  • Fort Dodge
  • Hampton
  • Lamoni
  • Mason City
  • Osceola
  • Shenandoah,
  • Sioux City
  • Webster City
  • Williams

Iowa Trailways stations and stops are located at

  • Ames
  • Atlantic
  • Burlington
  • Cedar Rapids
  • Davenport
  • Des Moines
  • Dubuque
  • Fairfield
  • Fort Madison
  • Grinnell
  • Iowa City
  • Keokuk
  • Marshalltown
  • Monroe
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Muscatine
  • Oscaloosa
  • Ottumwa
  • Tama
  • Walcott Junction
  • Waterloo


The state of Iowa has seven Amtrak Stations, located at the cities of Burlington, Creston, Davenport, Fort Madison, Mt. Pleasant, Osceola and Ottumwa.

Other Amtrak stations offering easy access to Iowa include Omaha, Nebraska and Kansas City, Missouri. 

Go here for a Complete List of Amtrak Stations.

Check Amtrak's website for deals, special offers, and bus connections.

above photo: cs.trains.com

Other available transportation options in Iowa's metro areas are Airport to Hotel shuttles, local taxi services, and rented or shared passenger vehicles.

Still, many fitness enthusiasts agree that the healthiest and most cost-effective ways to get around your favorite Iowa cities are walking and biking. 

top 5 iowa destinations

Here's a list of the top 5 attractions in Iowa, chosen for their educational, cultural, and (especially!) entertainment value. These venues were specially selected by USLearning.net.

  1. Iowa State University                                        Ames
  2. Czech Village                                                    Cedar Rapids
  3. National Czech and Slovak Museum                    Cedar Rapids
  4. Iowa State Fairgrounds                                      Des Moines
  5. National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium     Dubuque

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