Cool Symbols on State Flags

Check out some of the Cool Symbols on the state flags shown below (listed alphabetically from Ohio to Wyoming).

Notice the unique shape of Ohio's state flag. It's the only state flag that's shaped like a pennant.

Compare the flags of Texas and Tennessee for surprising similarities in color and design. The flags of Oregon, Rhode Island and South Carolina use colors sparingly, capturing a feel of elegant simplicity.

Which flags show their state's founding date? How many of these flags feature a bald eagle as part of their motif?

What else do you see in these designs?

To see more cool symbols and other free printable photos and graphic designs, visit any of the links on this page.

The Cool Symbols shown on this page represent the following state flags:


OHIO: Adopted in 1902, Ohio's pennant-shaped banner is the only state flag that is not rectangular.

OKLAHOMA:  Rife with Indian symbolism, this flag honors more than 60 Native American groups.

OREGON: Oregon has the only state flag with a different picture on each side. The reverse side features a beaver. Both sides share the same color scheme.

PENNSYLVANIA: Adopted in 1907, this flag's design features the State's Coat of Arms embroidered on a field of blue.


RHODE ISLAND: Thirteen gold stars represent America's original 13 colonies.


SOUTH CAROLINA: This flag features military symbolism, and was designed during the Revolutionary War.

SOUTH DAKOTA:  This flag features the state seal surrounded by a golden sun. The flag's colors represent sun and sky.


TENNESSEE:  Three stars represent the three land forms found in Tennessee - Mountains in the east, highlands in the middle and lowlands in the west. 


TEXAS:  Design adopted in 1845. Blue signifies loyalty, white represents strength and red indicates bravery.


UTAH:  Utah's state seal is displayed on Utah's state flag. It features an eagle, a beehive, a lily and an American flag.


VERMONT:  Logo features a landscape with Pine tree, wheat sheaves, cattle and mountains.


VIRGINIA:  This state flag contains the Latin motto, "Sic Semper Tyrannis" which means "Thus Always to Tyrants". Design adopted in 1776.


WASHINGTON:  Adopted in 1923, this is the only state flag depicting a U.S. President.


WEST VIRGINIA:  Design incorporates date of statehood (June 20th 1863) and state motto ("Mountaineers Are Always Free").


WISCONSIN:  Flag design represents the state's main industries: Agriculture, mining, manufacturing and navigation.


WYOMING:  This flag features the state seal branded on a white buffalo.


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