Computer Work at Home Opportunities in America

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Or read this page for work at home ideas in the state of North Dakota.

In fact, these handy strategies can generally apply to residents of any U.S. state. All it takes to get started is a dose of desire and an inkling of imagination. 

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1. Become an Online Retailer 

Harsh weather conditions and low walkability make North Dakota one of the best states to work from home.

Some home based business owners sell goods and services on internet stores like ebay, etsy, and Amazon.

Buy inventory priced below wholesale at Goodwill Industries and other thrift stores, along with garage sales, flea markets, and all sorts of mom & pop shops.

You can buy new items (often in bulk) at below wholesale cost by visiting wholesale factory outlets. 

Factory outlet malls are nonexistent in North Dakota, but here's a short list of popular wholesale distributors throughout the state:

  • A&I Distributors in Bismarck
  • Amcon Distributing in Bismarck
  • Richart Distributors in Dickinson
  • Mid States Distributors in Fargo
  • Delaney Distributors in Williston
  • Zemco Distributors in Noonan

2. Search for Jobs on Craigslist.

Scan craigslist every day for ongoing Computer Work at Home opportunities.  

Visit craigslist daily. Check the Jobs section and the Gigs section, in your area and in other geographical areas as well. That's the fun of telecommuting.

Apply for all positions that appeal to you. 

Inquire with a well crafted cover letter and a Professional Resume.

3. Contact Big Businesses.

Large North Dakota businesses have no shortage of work from home job opportunities.

Contact major employers throughout the state by visiting the career pages of their websites. Check back frequently to keep informed of available remote positions.

Here are some of North Dakota's largest employers:

  • Altru Health System
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota
  • Bobcat Company
  • Cass County Electric Cooperative 
  • Great River Energy
  • MedCenter One Health Systems
  • Noridian Mutual Insurance Company
  • North Dakota Telephone Company
  • State Bank & Trust
  • Trinity Health

4. Build a Website.

Every Computer Work at Home business should have a dedicated SEO website, and there's no better recipe for success than building the website yourself.

A professional, all-inclusive website building package should cost no more than $300 per year to maintain, and can yield a profit from well placed ads.

Unlimited Computer Work at Home Opportunities

5. Become an Independent Contractor.

Here's a list of home based businesses popular in North Dakota:

  • Administrative Services
  • Catering
  • Consultation
  • General Contracting Services
  • Guided Tours
  • Internet Research
  • Transportation Services
  • Tutoring

All you need to do (at first) is run a well written ad for your services on craigslist. 

Follow any or all of the suggestions mentioned above to start your own computer work at home business.

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