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auto insurance premium rates

The Average Annual Auto Insurance Premium in the state of Oregon was $1,250 this year, falling a little bit below the national average of around $1,365. 

Actuaries who calculate premiums consider statistical variables like rates of car theft, speeding violations, and DUIs.

They also analyze environmental factors like weather conditions, topography, and road quality.

Finally, they look at individual demographics like the driver's age, gender, employment status, marital status, and driving record, among other things.

penalties for uninsured drivers

Oregon drivers who are ticketed for lack of up-to-date car insurance run the risk of having their driver's licenses suspended or, in some cases, revoked.

Additional financial blows include costly reinstatement fees and raised premiums for the following year. 

Estimates indicate that nearly 13% of drivers on Oregon roads are uninsured. 

minimum liability coverage

Oregon state law requires a minimum coverage of 25/50/20 for each owned vehicle.

This means each driver must buy

  • $25,000 in personal injury protection
  • $50,000 in per-accident insurance against death or injury to others
  • $20,000 insurance against property damage

for each owned vehicle.

Most car owners who drive in the state of Oregon buy the minimum required auto insurance coverage.

However, financial analysts insist that 100/300 is the minimum personal liability coverage needed to cover the actual costs of auto accidents. 

lowering the cost of car insurance

Here are some ways in which auto owners in Oregon (and all over America) greatly reduce their car insurance costs:

  • Pay the premium all at once instead of monthly.
  • Increase your out-of-pocket deductible.
  • Only drive vehicles with permanently installed safety features
  • Choose vehicles that are less likely to get stolen.

Still, the biggest savings on annual auto insurance rates are the discount programs offered by most carriers. 

Available discounts for Oregon drivers include Accident-Free discounts, Good Driver discounts, Good Student discounts, Senior Citizen discounts, Multiple Vehicle discounts, and Multiple Policy discounts, to name only a few.

Obtaining Quotes from Commercial Auto Insurance Companies

Oregon's largest car insurance carriers are

  1. State Farm Insurance
  2. Farmers Insurance
  3. Safeco
  4. Progressive Insurance
  5. American Family Insurance
  6. Allstate Insurance
  7. Geico

Of these, Progressive has the fewest online complaints against it. Allstate has the highest complaint rate, followed closely by Safeco, Farmers Insurance, and Geico.

According to J.D. Powers & Associates, the best car insurance companies for drivers in the state of Oregon are

  1. Amica Mutual
  2. Erie Insurance
  3. Auto Owners Insurance

Still, some Oregon drivers opt for regional car insurance companies such as Mercer or Western National.  


Grab a few free quotes online. Then call a few local agents for more free quotes, and ask ALL OF THEM about their DISCOUNTS! 

Since all car insurance carriers are, more or less, the same, just grab the cheapest premium package that seems reasonable to you and suits your driving needs. 

Doing this can save you hundreds of dollars every year on car insurance, from both personal and commercial auto insurance companies.

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