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Average Rates for Oklahoma Auto Insurance 

Oklahoma's average annual premium on car insurance last year was $1,778, flying way over the head of the national average, which was $1,347 at the time. 

One reason for the sky high auto insurance rates in the state of Oklahoma is the sky high percentage of uninsured drivers on state roads. 

Penalties for Uninsured Drivers in Oklahoma

Statistics indicate that approximately one out of four drivers on Oklahoma roads are operating uninsured vehicles. In fact, Oklahoma has the fourth highest rate of uninsured drivers of all U.S. states, according to a recent study conducted by the Insurance Research Council.

The penalty for driving an uninsured vehicle in the state of Oklahoma is a fine of up to $250 and/or as much as thirty days in jail.

Uninsured motorists also lose their driving privileges until a reinstatement fee is paid in full, and proof of insurance is shown.

Minimum Liability Coverage for Oklahoma Drivers

The lowest amount of coverage required for auto insurance in Oklahoma is $25,000 in Personal Injury Protection, $50,000 in per-accident protection, and $25,000 in coverage against physical property damage. Insurance carriers call this coverage 25/50/25.

Still, financial analysts nationwide recommend at least 100/300 in injury coverage to handle the actual cost of an accident. Also recommended is Uninsured Motorist Insurance (UMI). 

Discounts on Oklahoma Car Insurance

Many Oklahoma auto insurance carriers offer discounts for responsible driving habits. These include Accident-Free discounts, Good-Driver discounts, Good Student discounts, Senior Citizen discounts and Vehicle Safety discounts, among others.

Vehicle insurance carriers also offer multiple policy discounts, multiple auto discounts, and many more. Ask about discounts whenever you compare quotes from local agents.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in oklahoma

According to recent customer satisfaction ratings, Oklahoma's favorite cheapest car insurance companies are

  1. Allstate
  2. Farmers Insurance
  3. Geico
  4. Esurance
  5. Liberty Mutual
  6. State Farm
  7. Progressive

Still, many Oklahoma vehicle owners opt for smaller, well established, well reputed local carriers such as Auto Insurance Center or Metro Express.

Either way, Oklahoma is home to several hundred auto insurance companies who provide competitive quotes. 

You can usually obtain free quotes either online or by phone. For a thorough cost comparison, contact numerous car insurance carriers in your area, and ask about ALL available discounts.

Then, simply compare quotes and choose the lowest possible rate. 

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