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This page features facts, recent rates, and helpful hints about reducing the premiums on your Texas car insurance policy, especially if you live in metro areas like Dallas.


average annual rates

The average annual per-vehicle premium for Texas car insurance this year was $1,581, more than $200 above the overall national average at the time, which was roughly $1,365. 

People pay above average premiums on Texas car insurance in areas of high population density like Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. These are the cities where most Texans live. So this brings up the state average on car insurance.

Average annual car insurance premiums in rural areas of the state are much lower. 

Penalties for Driving Without Car Insurance in Dallas

People who are caught driving without Car Insurance in Dallas are more likely to get ticketed than in any other part of Texas.

People caught driving uninsured vehicles anywhere in Texas face fines up to $350, if the incident is a first offense. 

On further violations, the fine can reach $2,000, with raised car insurance premiums the following year, not to mention costly reinstatement fees. 

Roughly 14% of vehicles driven in the state of Texas are uninsured. 

minimum liability coverage for vehicles owned in texas

Texas state law mandates car insurance liability coverage of

  • $30,000 in personal injury protection
  • $60,000 in coverage for others who are injured
  • $25,000 in protection against property damage, per vehicle

Insurance agents call it 30/60/25 coverage.

In other words, your Texas car insurance carrier will issue a maximum payment of $115,000 per accident when you purchase the minimum required auto insurance coverage.

reducing the cost of texas car insurance

Texas vehicle owners can reduce their premium rates in a number of ways. For instance,

  1. Drivers in big cities like Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio sometimes register their vehicles in other cities, or even other states where the rates are cheaper.
  2. Some policy holders score a discount by paying their annual premium all at once, instead of month-by-month.
  3. Some drivers accept an increased deductible to lower premium costs.
  4. Some car owners drive vehicles with car alarms and airbags installed. This scores a discount on annual premiums.
  5. People who live in metro areas with good public transit systems can reduce premium costs for Car Insurance in Dallas and other cities by not driving for three years. This creates the perfect driving record over a three-year period, which earns valuable Accident-Free discounts and Good Driver discounts, among others.

These are just a few examples of discounts typically available to car owners in most states. Apply for every possible discount. 

obtaining auto insurance quotes in texas

According to recent consumer reports, the top three car insurance companies in the state of Texas are

  1. State Farm Insurance
  2. Farmers Insurance
  3. Progressive Insurance

Still, many Texas drivers opt for smaller, regional auto insurance providers such as 

  1. Colonial County Mutual Insurance
  2. Direct General Insurance
  3. Farm Bureau Insurance

Get a few free quotes online. Then call five agents in your area for more free quotes, and be sure to ask about ALL their discounts. 

Then simply compare free quotes and grab the lowest rate that satisfies your personal needs. 

They say everything's big in Texas. That includes the money you can save on car insurance.

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