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Minimum Liability Coverage in Connecticut

The state of Connecticut requires no less than 20/40/10 coverage, per vehicle. So drivers in Connecticut must purchase $20,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP), $40,000 in per-accident insurance, and whatever is the state's minimum required coverage for property damage.

Unlike most states, Connecticut state law requires drivers to also buy Uninsured Motorist Insurance (UMI) as part of a basic auto insurance policy.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, drivers all over America would need $100,000 in personal injury coverage and $300,000 in multiple injury coverage per vehicle to cover the actual cost of an accident. 

Penalties for Uninsured Drivers in Connecticut

Driving without insurance in Connecticut can result in expensive fines and suspended licenses. Repeat offenders face increasingly serious legal consequences. Additional annoyances include increased car insurance estimates. 

Auto Insurance Rates in Connecticut

The average annual premium for car insurance in Connecticut was $1,367 last year. This falls right around the national average, which was around $1,347 at the time. 

Car insurance premiums are affected in many ways. These include site-specific elements like climate, economy, crime rates and population density, for instance.

Other influences on annual premiums are personal characteristics like the driver's age, gender, marital status, criminal record, driving record, annual mileage, and car model owned, among other things.

Discount Car Insurance in Connecticut

The favorite car insurance company in Connecticut is Erie Car Insurance, which offers all kinds of driver discounts. For example,

The Anti-Theft Device Discount for installed anti-theft devices like car alarms and wheel locks.

The Defensive Driving Course Discount for seniors 55 and older who take the required course.

The Good Driving Discount is for drivers with no moving violations or at-fault accidents over a three year period.

The Good Student Discount rewards high academic standing.

Other available discounts include Multiple Policy, Passive Restraint, and the Vehicle Safety Discount for owning certain types of cars.

Ask several local agents about discounts on Connecticut car insurance. Then compare costs and grab the lowest rate.

Getting Car Insurance Estimates

According to recent online reviews, Connecticut's most popular car insurance carriers are Allstate, Auto Owners Insurance, The Hartford, State Farm, and 21st Century Insurance. Still, many Connecticut car owners prefer local companies like Erie.

Overall, Connecticut has no shortage auto insurance providers offering competitive rates. Call five local agents and get five quotes. You can also get more free quotes online. Don't forget to ask about the discounts.

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