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Above: Capricorn Sign - January - Birthstone - Garnet 

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 The month of January is named after Janus (Ianuarius), the God of the doorway, as January is the "doorway" to the new year.

The Capricorn Sign of the Western Zodiac


In the Western Zodiac, the month of January is associated with the Capricorn Sign.

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Facts About January

  • January is generally the coldest month of the year within most of the Northern Hemisphere (where it is the second month of winter) and the warmest month of the year within most of the Southern Hemisphere (where it is the second month of summer). 
  • January's birthstone is the garnet, which represents constancy. 
  • January is associated with the Capricorn Sign. 
  • American holidays in January are New Year's Day (January 1st) and Martin Luther King Day (the 3rd Monday of January).


Scroll down to read a poem about January by Will David. 


January the Eagle

Waits up top a hill

It gazes down onto the snowy ground

Without making any sound,

People watch silent and still

As the months march round with clattering sound

Outside their window sills

The eagle tests its wings

Waiting for the song to ring,

Tired of testing, tired of resting,

It screams far and loud

It’s heard all around

Echoing around

The world fast,

As it waits to be freed from the past

It listens until the words are sung

Which are nice and crisp from the slip of a tongue,

January is one again

And new times are ready to begin

The sound will hear loud and clear

As round and beautiful as a sphere,

The sound of future, a light

As magic and wondrous as love at first sight,

Don’t be impatient to hear it

As the songs of future

Can be heard quite near it,

As life is replenished

The sound is heard

With triumphant words

As harsh weather meets nice nature,

A new era has begun,

The Eagle drops

Without a stop,

To soon recover with a turn

The eagle says I shall return,

Just like the month of January

Through rain and sleet

The eagle flies

Its' wings beat

In the cotton blotched sky,

Higher and higher it must fly

To see the sun shine proud

In the bright free sky

The Eagle’s heart of love

January’s white dove,

The Eagle’s talons of strength

January’s unforgiving length,

The Eagle’s wings that soar

Are January’s winds of roar,

The Eagle’s balding white

Reveals January’s loving light,

The Eagle’s eyes are quick and sharp

As January’s musical winter harp,

A bird of prey

A month of new way

January like an Eagle,

Both represent a time when hopes renewed

And long before reviewed,

An Eagle can fly stunningly high

Like spirit of America in tragic time,

As war comes to end a new hate will begin,

Why do we still fly?

Because there’s always the sky.

To dream a dream of peace

Brotherhood united to release

Even through wars of nature or man

The Eagle and the American people

Have something lethal

Freedom and spirit is the weapon of choice

For when bad wind blows

We’ll always fight back with a voice

Beware when the nest is stirred

Out flies the bird

When the eagles fly

Evil will die

For beware not to bother

Our god our father

Our way of living

And your hell-full sinning.

No god would ask for such hate

For it’s the beginning, it’s not too late

A nation torn by others aggression

Looks to support her people with passion

A new birth a waits,

A new lesson others hate,

Freedom and spirit united we stand

No unwanted force shall invade our land,

Sheltering wings of protection to provide

For a nation full of honor and pride,

January is the beginning

And the Eagle is the spirit of the living


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