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Getting Around 

California Facts, Photos, And Destinations 

Maps Of California 

More California Maps 

California Car Insurance Quotes And Stats 

Budget Travel California 

California Amtrak Locations 

California Greyhound Stations 

Going To School 

California Community Colleges 

Berkeley City College                                        Berkeley

Chaffey Community College                               Rancho Cucamonga

City College of San Francisco                             San Francisco

Coastline Community College                             Newport Beach

Crafton Hills College & Trade School                   Yucaipa

Fresno City College & Trade School                     Fresno

Glendale Community College                             Glendale

Grossmont College                                            El Cajon

Long Beach City College                                    Long Beach 

Los Angeles City College                                    Los Angeles

Pasadena City College                                       Pasadena

Riverside City College                                       Riverside

Sacramento City College                                   Sacramento

San Diego City College                                      San Diego

San Diego Community College                           San Diego

Solano Community College                                Fairfield

Southwest Community College                           Los Angeles

Ventura College                                                Ventura

Yuba College & Trade School                             Marysville

Top California Universities 


Pepperdine University 

Stanford University  

UC Berkeley 



Private Colleges In California 

Art Colleges In California  

Cooking Schools And Wineries In California

Staying Local 

Work From Home In California 

California Factory Outlets 

Real Time California City Weather 

California Population 

List Of California Cities Ranked By Population 

Here are three random facts about California:

  1. California was the first state to implement the concept of a "no-fault divorce." In effect, this means that if a married person wishes to terminate the marriage, he/she can do so, without giving a reason, even if the other person disagrees.
  2. California was also the first U.S. state to designate a State Rock. Serpentine was named the official State Rock in 1965. It contains the state's principal deposits of chromite, magnesite, and cinnabar. 
  3. California is the only state with five Major League baseball teams.

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