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This page outlines five ways to earn money working from home. All it takes is an idea and persistence. Sometimes, it may also take a computer and internet access. In many cases, it can also take a small financial investment. 

how not to work in arkansas

1. Sell Stuff. Many people these days make a decent living selling goods and services on major websites like ebay, etsy, and Amazon.

Sellers typically purchase their inventories at yard sales, flea markets, thrift stores, and wholesale factory outlets.

Major discount factory outlets in the state of Arkansas include Diamonds & Designer Brands in Bryant, which specializes in jewelry, and TSL in Rogers, which carries various liquidations and salvage electronics. 

One popular strategy is to buy discounted items in bulk and sell them by the piece.

2. Scan Craigslist. Once a day, visit craigslist and click on JOBS in your geographical area.  Check the box that says Telecommute, and hit Enter. Apply for all jobs you believe you can do well.

You can also search employment in other areas, especially if you are telecommuting. The key to success in finding steady work on craigslist is consistency and dedication to finding the right Business Opportunity From Home.

3. Contact Big Businesses.  Large companies have numerous work-from-home positions available. Among the most common telecommutable jobs that don't require special skills are phone reception, sales calls, product promotion, data entry and research.

Here are some of the largest employers in Arkansas:

  1. Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock has a number of administrative employees who telecommute.
  2. Walmart Stores, with a head office in Bentonville, employs nearly ten thousand people. 
  3. Baptist Health in Little Rock is the state's fifth largest employer.
  4. Georgia-Pacific has manufacturing facilities throughout the United States, including offices in Arkansas. With ever-increasing remote positions available, it's quite possible to get a lucrative Business Opportunity from Home. 
  5. Pilgrim's Pride Corporation is the World's second largest poultry company. The company employs more than 38,000 people, and has two offices in Arkansas.

You might also contact the websites of businesses in your immediate area, as employers still prefer to hire local professionals.

4. Build a Website. Probably the most important way to cultivate a Business Opportunity From Home is to build your own website. A properly constructed, Search Engine Optimized (SEO) website encourages visitor traffic and earns money from ads.

It's best to learn how to build your own website, but if you do decide to hire someone, do a quick Google background check on the person or the company you plan on hiring. 

More Business Opportunity From Home Ideas

5. Be A Freelance Professional. Becoming a local independent contractor is another popular work-from-home idea.

Quite a few needed services require minimal skills.

Here are just a few of the many different businesses you can start from home in the state of Arkansas.

  • At-home Childcare
  • At-Home Elder care
  • Errands and Transportation Services
  • Dog Walking / Pet Sitting
  • Home Delivery
  • Housework 
  • Yard Work / Gardening
  • After School Workshops

Advertise your skills and services on craigslist, ebay, your own website, social networks, blogs, forums, and any other places online you can think of.

Offline, you can still increase your chances of success by posting physical signs on community bulletin boards, for instance.

Like most legitimate ways to earn a living, consistency is the key to an increasingly successful home business.

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