black lives matter — blm protest photos

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This page features an eye-opening view of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement today, which is gaining quite a bit of political traction

It simply goes without saying that African American people have made significant contributions to American culture. So it only made sense to dedicate a webpage to the cause. We stand by black Americans from the bottoms of our hearts. 

See the photos on this page of these brave BLM freedom fighters. A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. Arm yourself with information. Facts will set you free. 

We apologize that we didn't catch the names of these fine, courageous people

more from the black lives matter front lines 

Above and below: We did the next few of these for you, so not to cause you any eye strain.  

Above: It warms the heart that Black Lives Matter to so many people. 

Above: Wow! That was a tough one. It took our entire research team more than 20 minutes to find any. 

Above: This aspiring actor is gonna KILL his agent for this.

Above: In this uplifting image, at least 7 black people seem to think their own lives matter. Better place them near the front. 

Who knew sunscreen could be so useful at a BLM protest?

But Seriously People, this is WAY worse than stealing their music. 

Above: In case you think your eyesight is failing you, we couldn't find any here at all. Can You?

Above: Yay! We found one! The WTF-looking guy in the back with the yellow sweatshirt! 

Above and Below: It is truly uplifting to see how much these fist pumping Arab dudes care about American Blacks.

They're even giving the black power sign. How sweet of them.

If only more black people thought their OWN lives mattered, that would be SO awesome! 

We hope you have enjoyed our photo essay, which has been uploaded in honor of the American Black Lives that the BLM movement is supposed to represent. 

For now, stay safe, wear face coverings, wash hands often, get a fake vaccine, and behave as if smoking doesn't exist.

Because this doesn't seem like a Muslim Terrorist Attack At All! 


Vote Smart. 

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