Bald Eagle Clipart and Other State Symbols

Classic Bald Eagle Clipart: Above and below - President Donald Trump with an offended-looking Eagle. 

For more eagle designs, see the flags of Iowa and Illinois below, and also visit the designated links at the bottom of this page.

What symbols are used for state flags, and why? Even if you don't know or care, these flags are specially designed to be fun to look at. And they are. The more you look, the more there is to see. 

Notice, for instance, the beautiful color contrast featured in the designs of Alaska's and Arizona's state flags. Compare the exquisite detail of Florida's flag versus the authoritative sparseness of Alabama's flag. Then notice the striking similarity between them - namely, the fat red X.


To print the flags shown below, just right click on any image and select a SAVE option from your drop-down menu. Then print the image from your picture file for your own personal use. 


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Alabama Flag: Designed in 1895, inspired by the Confederate Battle Flag.

Alaska Flag: Designed in 1959, representing sky, sea and lakes.

Arizona Flag: The red and gold rays represent the 13 original colonies. The central star symbolizes Arizona's copper industry.

Arkansas Flag: Design represents the Arkansas diamond mines.

California Flag: Designed in 1846, adopted in 1911, inspired by the many bears seen in the area.

Colorado Flag: The "C" stands for Colorado. The golden disk represents the sun.

Connecticut Flag: Three transplanted grapevines symbolize the first three settlements in the area.

Delaware Flag: Adopted in 1913, indicates the day Delaware became the first U.S. state.

Florida Flag: Depicts sunshine, flowers, palm trees, lakes and a Seminole Indian woman.

Georgia Flag: New flag design adopted in 2003. 

Hawaii Flag: Depicts the flag of Great Britain, plus eight stripes to represent the eight main Hawaiian islands. 

Idaho Flag: Prominently displays the Idaho state seal. 

Illinois Flag: State seal with Bald eagle. Current design adopted in 1969.

Indiana Flag: Depicts a torch with many stars.

Iowa Flag: Bald Eagle makes another symbolic appearance, this time carrying Iowa's state motto in its beak.

Kansas Flag: Design pays tribute to the state's abundance of sunflowers. 34 stars represent Kansas as the 34th state to join the Union. 

Kentucky Flag: Depicts a pioneer and a statesman, meant to represent all the people.

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