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This page also features a list of U.S. states, ranked by the number of acres of farmland in each state, from highest to lowest. This data was compiled in 2007 by the National Agricultural Statistics Service ( 


  1. In the 1930s, the United States contained well over six million farms. The number of American farms currently in use today is just over two million. 
  2. Surprisingly, the continental United States is still approximately forty percent farmland. 
  3. Each American farmer today produces, on average, enough food to feed 154 people. 
  4. America's largest agricultural output is corn. Farmers in the U.S. produce three times more corn (in metric tons) than cow's milk, which is America's second largest Agricultural product. 
  5. The average farm in the United States is more than 400 acres in size. 

acres of farmland in every state


STATE                      ACRES

TEXAS                      129,800,000

MONTANA                   60,100,000

KANSAS                      47,200,000

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NEBRASKA                  45,700,000

NEW MEXICO              44,500,000

SOUTH DAKOTA           43,700,000

Above: Animals Wallpaper from the Pine Ridge Reservation, where the Buffalo roam.

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NORTH DAKOTA          39,400,000

WYOMING                   34,400,000

OKLAHOMA                 33,700,000

IOWA                         31,600,000

COLORADO                 30,700,000

MISSOURI                  30,100,000

MINNESOTA                27,500,000

ILLINOIS                    27,300,000

CALIFORNIA                26,400,000

ARIZONA                    26,200,000

OREGON                     17,100,000

WISCONSON               15,400,000

WASHINGTON             15,100,000

INDIANA                     15,000,000

ARKANSAS                  14,400,000

OHIO                          14,300,000

KENTUCKY                  13,800,000

Shown below: An Arabian mare and her foal on a rustic farm in Louisville, Kentucky.

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IDAHO                      11,800,000

TENNESSEE               11,600,000

UTAH                        11,600,000

MISSISSIPPI             11,050,000

GEORGIA                  10,500,000

MICHIGAN                  10,100,000

FLORIDA                    10,000,000

NORTH CAROLINA         8,900,000

ALABAMA                     8,600,000

VIRGINIA                     8,500,000

LOUISIANA                   7,800,000

PENNSYLVANIA             7,700,000

NEVADA                       6,300,000

SOUTH CAROLINA         4,840,000

WEST VIRGINIA            3,600,000

MARYLAND                   2,040,000

MAINE                         1,370,000

HAWAII                        1,300,000

VERMONT                     1,250,000

ALASKA                           900,000

NEW JERSEY                    790,000

DELAWARE                      520,000

MASSACHUSETTS             520,000

NEW HAMPSHIRE              450,000

CONNECTICUT                  360,000

RHODE ISLAND                   60,000

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