Aztec Tattoo Art and Other Graphic Designs

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Pick a region from the list below to view some of America's greatest works of art by some of America's most talented artists.

You may notice a similarity of mood among works of art from the same region - the scenic greenery of the Northeast; the cool ocean air of the Mid Atlantic; the moist, hazy stillness of the southeast; the warm, rocky red southwest.

These pages display a wide variety of both classical and contemporary American Art, each piece capturing the unique personality of the state it represents.

If Language Arts is your thing, check out this breathtaking selection of poetry about states, or scan dozens of fascinating foreign word translations.

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NORTHEASTFamous artists known for depicting the northeastern region of the United States include John James Audubon, Aaron Douglas, Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, Maxfield Parrish, William Trost Richards and Norman Rockwell, to name a few.

MID ATLANTIC Famous artists who depict scenes from America's mid Atlantic regions include William Pappas, P. Buckley Moss and Renee Nemerov.

SOUTHEAST Among the great painters of America's southeastern states are Riley Geddings, Virginia Haines, Pamela Parsons and others.

MIDWEST Famous antique depictions of Western and Midwestern scenes were done by Thomas Hart Benton, Albert Bierstadt, George Catlin, Edward Curtis (photographer), and Charles Deas, among others.


NORTHWEST - Renowned painters of from America's Northwest and coastal regions include Ansel Adams, James Madison Alden, Thomas Hill, William Keith, Hansen Puthuff and William Wendt.


SOUTHWEST Famous American southwestern artists include William Henry Jackson, Georgia O'Keefe and John Mix Stanley.


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