Auto Insurance Companies in Wyoming and Beyond

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Average Auto Insurance Premiums in Wyoming

The average annual car insurance premium for a vehicle owned in the state of Wyoming was about $1,421 last year, a little bit above the national average of $1,347.

Wyoming's close-to-the-national-average premiums are the result of counterbalancing factors such as the state's relatively high rate of DUI deaths and hail damage, versus a very low population density.

Minimum Liability Coverage for Wyoming

The minimum liability insurance coverage required for each owned vehicle in Wyoming is 25/50/20.

This means that the car owner must buy at least $25,000 in Personal Injury Protection (also known as PIP), $50,000 in coverage against death or injury to others, and $20,000 to cover the cost of property damage.

So the maximum insurance payout on a passenger vehicle in Wyoming is $95,000 per accident, if you buy the minimum coverage. 

However, analysts at the Insurance Information Institute claim that state-mandated minimums are not enough to pay for real accidents. Drivers may have to pay a fortune in out-of-pocket expenses.

That's why the Institute recommends 100/300 coverage for each owned vehicle in America. They also recommend Uninsured Motorist protection (UMI), although 90 percent of vehicles on Wyoming roads are insured.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Wyoming

Uninsured driving in Wyoming is a considered a misdemeanor. The penalty is a fine between $250 and $750, and the possibility of jail time.

Repeat offenders face fines from $500 to $1,500 and mandatory jail time.

Low Cost Wyoming Car Insurance

Here are some ways in which Wyoming car owners can keep car insurance costs to a minimum.

  1. Pay your annual premium all at once, rather than monthly.
  2. Increase your deductible amount by just a little bit.
  3. Maintain a physical address in another city (or even another state) where car insurance is cheaper.
  4. If possible, get a valid license, but avoid driving for three years. This will give you a perfect "driving" record, and score you many extra discounts when you do purchase car insurance.
  5. Driving safely (or not at all) earns a Good Driver discount and an Accident Free discount. Academic excellence will score a Good Student discount. Seniors (55 and above) can get a discount for completing a defensive driving course.  And so on. 

Ask every car insurance agent you speak with about their discounts.

Auto Insurance Companies in Wyoming

According to a survey by J.D. Power and Associates, the favored auto insurance companies in Wyoming are

  • Aflac
  • Allstate
  • Community First
  • Farm Bureau
  • Geico
  • Primerica
  • State Farm
  • Wyoming Financial

To get an idea of the practices of various auto insurance companies in Wyoming, go online and compare consumer reviews for each of the above companies. 

Then, get a number of free online quotes. 

Then, call at least five local carriers for more free quotes. 

Above all, grab every discount you can get. 

Finally, compare quotes and pick the cheapest policy you can live with. 

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