American Seniors Association Statistics and Links

The American Seniors Association offers many helpful ideas and useful statistics pertaining to America's senior population.

The organization, which is widely considered an alternative approach to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), is able to authorize discounts for senior citizens on travel expenses, health insurance, prescription medications, and more.

Visit any of the links shown on this page for senior activities, maps and many free printable items.


Scroll down to view the percentage of seniors who live in each U.S. state. 

It seems as though Florida is the best state for retirement, having a senior population of almost seventeen percent. The average senior population for the whole USA is about eleven percent. Must be Florida's balmy weather and fine restaurants drawing them in. 

The list below shows the percentage of each state's population who are 65 years of age or older.

These figures are based on recent estimates from the American Seniors Association and the United States Census Bureau.

American Seniors Association Stats

STATE                                  %>65

FLORIDA                               16.8

PENNSYLVANIA                      15.3

WEST VIRGINIA                     15.3

IOWA                                    14.7

NORTH DAKOTA                     14.7

MAINE                                   14.4

SOUTH DAKOTA                     14.2

RHODE ISLAND                      13.9

ARKANSAS                             13.8

MONTANA                              13.7

HAWAII                                 13.6

CONNECTICUT                       13.5

MASSACHUSETTS                   13.3

MISSOURI                             13.3

NEBRASKA                            13.3

OHIO                                    13.3

OKLAHOMA                           13.2

ALABAMA                              13.2

DELAWARE                            13.1

KANSAS                                13.0

NEW YORK                            13.0

VERMONT                              13.0

WISCONSIN                          13.0

NEW JERSEY                         12.9

OREGON                              12.8

ARIZONA                             12.7

KENTUCKY                           12.5

TENNESSEE                         12.5

SOUTH CAROLINA                12.4

INDIANA                              12.4

MICHIGAN                           12.3

MISSISSIPPI                        12.2

MINNESOTA                         12.1

NEW HAMPSHIRE                 12.1

NEW MEXICO                       12.1

NORTH CAROLINA                12.1

WYOMING                            12.1

ILLINOIS                             12.0

LOUISIANA                          11.7

IDAHO                                11.4

MARYLAND                          11.4

VIRGINIA                            11.4

WASHINGTON                     11.3

NEVADA                             11.2

CALIFORNIA                       10.7

TEXAS                                 9.9

COLORADO                          9.8

GEORGIA                             9.6

UTAH                                   8.7

ALASKA                               6.4

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