All Inclusive Hawaii Resorts and Other Dream Destinations

Affordable, luxurious, hassle-free, All Inclusive Hawaii Resorts vacations are finally here.  Or you can choose from numerous other dream destinations for the same affordable rate.  

An experienced adventure travel adviser at will guide you. So the next time you have a chance to get away from it all, let the US Learning Travel Planning Service arrange your trip.

Our currently featured destinations are Alaska, Denver, all inclusive Hawaii resorts, Michigan, Monterey, New Mexico, New York City, San Diego, San Francisco, South Dakota, and Texas. Or feel free to Contact Us about customizing your own unique vacation package. 

Your US Learning Trip Adviser is an experienced traveler and vacation planner who knows how to anticipate your needs and direct you to your most desired activities.

Scroll down to see what's included in our All Inclusive Hawaii Resorts vacations, and our all inclusive packages to other stunning U.S. destinations. 

The fixed price for a luxury vacation package at any of the above mentioned destinations is

$1,500 per person, based on double occupancy.

Your All-Inclusive package includes:

ROUND TRIP AIRFARE from anywhere in the United States.

FOUR (4) NIGHTS ACCOMMODATION at a hotel, inn or villa with a consumer rating of four (4) stars or better.


THREE (3) PASSES to elite activities going on during the time of your visit. Activities vary depending on your dates and destination, but may include casino gaming, spa services, horseback riding, fishing, boating, shopping, sports, concerts, theater performances, dance clubs, guided neighborhood tours, fairs, festivals, annual events, Indian Pow Wows in South Dakota, whale watching at all inclusive Hawaii resorts, and just about anything else you can name.

TRANSPORTATION to and from the airport of your destination, and ALSO to and from the site of your scheduled activities.


FULL SERVICE TRIP PLANNING, including research, reservations and all other necessary arrangements. All you have to do is show up. Your human trip adviser covers every detail, alerting you to local opportunities and specialty retailers, based on your personal taste. The planning service even includes recommending exactly what you should pack for your trip.

DETAILED ITINERARY sent to your email address. Contains full details, including the name, phone number and email address of your trip adviser.

ONE DEDICATED, PROFESSIONAL WEB PAGE, published on, detailing the highlights of your journey, with a link to the website of your choice. You can use this special perk as an opportunity to promote your business or your interests.

SOME restrictions apply.  Please scroll down.


As the traveler, you agree NOT to hold the travel planner or responsible for any unforeseen injury, accidents, illness, or ANY other event beyond the control or jurisdiction of your travel adviser.

All trips are based on double occupancy.

Your planned date of departure must be at least 18 days after your payment is made.

The planning process begins at the time your payment is received. For this reason, $100 per person is nonrefundable, UNLESS the travel planner is unable to arrange your trip.

If you cancel your plans within three days after payment is made, you will receive a refund in the amount of $1,400 per person. One hundred dollars per person is non refundable, UNLESS the travel planner is unable to arrange your trip.

NO refunds can be issued beyond three days after payment is made, UNLESS the travel planner is unable to arrange your trip.

Airlines and hotels impose certain restrictions on special discount deals, which enables US Learning to offer these affordable luxury travel packages. For this reason, NO changes can be made to your scheduled flights or reserved accommodations.

NO refunds will be issued by for missed flights or for any other reason, UNLESS the travel planner is unable to arrange your trip.

Please BE SURE of your dates of travel BEFORE clicking the BUY NOW button shown below. You do NOT need a Paypal account to choose the BUY NOW option. 

You will be led to a page where you can select the all inclusive Hawaii Resorts package, or choose from any of the other destinations listed. 

Your trip adviser will contact you within three business days to consult with you and verify the details of your trip. 

All Inclusive Hawaii Resorts

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