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To be a Work At Home Travel Agent, or run your own business anywhere in America, visit the link shown below.

Or scroll down to find home business ideas for the state of Alabama.  See how working from home in Alabama is easier than ever before.

This page features some perfectly legitimate ways not to go to work in Alabama.

All you need to get started making money from home is creativity and persistence. More often than not, you'll also need a good laptop, internet access, a phone, and sometimes a small financial investment.

Here are five great ways to be an Alabama Work At Home Travel Agent, Craftsman, Retailer, or run any other home business that ignites your imagination. 

how to Be a Work At Home Travel Agent and More

1. Sell Stuff. Online retailers generally do business on ebay, etsy, and amazon, not to mention their own websites. Online retailers regularly purchase good-as-new merchandise from garage sales, thrift stores, and wholesale factory outlets.

Popular discount factory outlet malls in the state of Alabama include the Tanger Outlet in Foley, which has 125 stores to choose from.  The Outlet Shops of Grand River in Leeds features 69 stores.

All told, the state of Alabama has seven outlet malls with a total of 236 stores selling many thousand designer brands at deep discounts. 

Go here for a complete list of Factory Outlet Stores in Alabama.

2. Scan Craigslist every day if you are looking for gigs. Click on your home city and other accessible regions. Then click on Jobs.  Search for jobs you can do from home. Type in keywords such as "remote" and "telecommute." Hit enter.

Apply for all jobs that seem to offer fair payment.  Prepare a well crafted introductory letter.  Go here to Write a Professional Resume.

3. Contact Large Corporations. Big businesses have many employees working from home these days, as doing this saves the business money.

Many people Start Home Based Business operations by landing gigs in phone reception, product sales, tutoring, accounting, data entry, and research. None of these jobs require special skills.

Here is a list of some of Alabama's largest employers:

University of Alabama in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa.

Auburn University in Montgomery

Russell Corporation

Alabama Power

Huntsville Hospital

General Motors

Blue Cross / Blue Shield

Southeast Alabama Medical Center

Intergraph Computer Systems

DCH Health


Providence Hospital

4. Build a Website. Building your own website is the best way to become a Work At Home Travel Agent or start any home based business. It draws customers to your business while also making money from strategically placed ads.

Learning how to build a successful website takes time, but learning the skill yourself will pay off financially in the long run.

Use your site to advertise your services as (for instance) a Work At Home Travel Agent.  Use websites like craigslist and priceline to find the very best deals for those who visit your site.

5. Be an Independent Contractor. There are many ways to start a home based business in Alabama by becoming an independent contractor. An independent contractor is someone who contacts many entities (companies and/or individuals) to offer particular products or services. 

Some contracting positions require minimal skills. Here's a list of businesses fairly easy to run in the state of Alabama:

At-home Childcare

In-Home Elder care

Errands / Home Delivery

Dog Walking / Pet Sitting

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Housework / Yard Work / Gardening

After School Workshops

Administrative Assistance

Work At Home Travel Agent

Online places to advertise your Alabama home based business include craigslist, ebay, personal websites, and social networking sites, to name a few.

Simply create a resume and a well-written introductory letter, targeted to potential clients. Copy-paste the same letter to each message, and attach a resume.

You can also do things the old-fashioned way, like posting paper signs and talking to your neighbors, for instance.

With a hard work and good timing, you can watch your home based business grow into a hugely successful company.

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