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Here are five low-cost businesses you can start from your own home office (or the nearest Starbucks, whatever the case may be). 

Five Ideas for the Work at Home Parent

1. Online Sales

You can sell products and services on major websites like ebay, etsy, craigslist, and Amazon.

It's easy enough to acquire like-new merchandise priced well below wholesale, once you know where to look.

Start by rummaging through your attic, visiting local garage sales, scouting thrift stores, attending flea markets, and buying from manufacturers or wholesale factory outlets.

Here are some discount factory outlet malls and wholesale distributors located in the state of Georgia.

Sugarloaf Mills in Lawrenceville has 173 different stores.

North Georgia Premium Outlets in Dawsonville has 140 shops to choose from.

Calhoun Premium Outlets in Calhoun has 49 stores.

Darien Outlet Center in Darien has 29 stores.

Lake Park Outlets in Lake Park has 28 stores.

Market Street Shops in Dalton has 24 stores.

Peach Outlet in Byron

Alpine Village Shoppes in Helen

Excess Technologies in Duluth

Savannah Festival Factory Stores.

2. Scan Craigslist.

This is probably the surest way to be successful as a Work at Home Parent.

Visit the pages pertaining to your city and surrounding areas.  Click on Jobs, then check the box that says Telecommute, and hit Enter. Apply for all appropriate positions.

Check the site every day, and you may actually get enough paid gigs to support yourself reasonably well.

Be sure to include an error-free cover letter, and Create a Professional Resume. 

3. Contact Big Businesses.

Large companies throughout the state of Georgia have many work from home positions available, such as phone work, database management, marketing, promotion, accounting, data entry, and internet research, among other things.

All the better are your chances if you have special skills.

Here are some of Georgia's largest employers:

Aflac Insurance

AllConnect, based in Atlanta

Athens First Bank in Athens

Bank of North Georgia

Bell South Cingular Telecommunications

Coca-Cola Enterprises

Cox Communications

DeKalb Medical Center

Georgia Pacific

Turner Broadcasting Systems

4. Build a Website.

Building your own website is the most important thing any business professional needs for a successful business.

Look up web building packages online. Choose a well reputed, all-inclusive, do-it-yourself software package that costs about $300 per year to maintain, and offers ongoing tech support.

Having someone build a website for you can be prohibitively expensive, and may or may not earn money.    

5. Be an Independent Contractor.

Here are some profit-making business ideas for the typical Work at Home Parent in Georgia:

Administrative Services

At-home Childcare

At-Home Elder care

Call Center Services

Dog Walking / Pet Sitting


Home Delivery Services

Housework / Yard Work / Gardening


After School Workshops

Whatever are the services you offer, you can advertise virtually for free on craigslist, on ebay, on blog posts, on forums, on your website, and on various social networking pages. You can even hang signs around town.

Work hard from home and financial success can be yours, on your terms.  

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