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This page features valuable info on reducing auto insurance premiums for vehicle owners in the state of Washington.

This info will help you customize the auto insurance coverage package that best suits your individual needs.

Average Auto Insurance Rates 

The Average Annual Car Insurance Premium for a vehicle owned in Washington State last year was $1,168, a comfortable margin below the overall national average of $1,347. 

West Coast Auto Insurance actuaries calculate premiums from a base rate that analyzes variables like climate, crime rates, population density and other locational factors. 

The calculation is then further adjusted based on individual characteristics such as the driver's age, gender, marital status, lifestyle, and type of car owned, among other things. 

Penalties for Uninsured Drivers

Washington State car owners who are ticketed for driving uninsured vehicles are faced with fines of up to $500, and are sentenced to community service.

Driving with a suspended license results in even stiffer penalties of up to a thousand dollars.

Repeat violations may result in jail time and a permanently revoked license.

Minimum Liability Coverage

Washington State requires a 25/50/10 minimum liability coverage per vehicle.

That means policy holders in Washington State must have no less than $25,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP), $50,000 coverage against death or injuries to others, and $10,000 in coverage against property damage.

So the maximum payout on the minimum car insurance coverage in the state of Washington is $85,000 per accident. This may or may not be enough to cover the actual cost of an accident.

Lowering the Cost of Car Insurance

Here are just a few of many ways in which Washington State car owners reduce their annual premiums on car insurance:

1. Carriers base their premiums on all members of a household, not just the owner of the car. Drivers in the state of Washington who live alone pay lower premiums, on average.

2. Some policy holders lower their rates by accepting slightly higher deductibles.

3. Many car owners try to take care of smaller car problems themselves. What the insurance carrier doesn't know won't hurt you.

4. Residents of densely populated metro areas sometimes register their cars in smaller towns where the rates are cheaper.

5. Most car owners take advantage of discount programs offered by most auto insurance providers. These include good driver discounts, good student discounts, senior citizen discounts, vehicle safety discounts, multiple policy discounts and multiple auto discounts, to mention only a few. Ask every agent you speak with about discounts.

Best West Coast Auto Insurance Quotes

The state of Washington supports many thousand licensed car insurance agents. Nationally recognized companies include Allstate, Geico, Nationwide, State Farm, 21st Century and Liberty Mutual.

Among the state's popular regional carriers are Dairyland, PEMCO and Western National.

Obtain several free online quotes. Check national averages by visiting the link shown below. Then contact a few agents in your area, and find out about those discounts.

When you're done, simply compare quotes and choose the lowest possible premium package on Washington State car insurance.

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