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Above: Shoppers can get Small Notebook Computers, kitchen gadgets, housewares, toys, books, clothes, food, and just about everything else at TSL Wholesalers in Rogers, Arkansas.

TSL buys and sells liquidations, bankruptcies, insurance losses, closeout food, surplus items, furniture, building supplies, and salvage electronics.

TSL is located at:

100 N Dixieland Road, Ste. 149
Rogers, AR 72756

For further information, call 918-237-6349

There are no Factory Outlet malls in the state of Arkansas.

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Arkansas Wholesalers of Small Notebook Computers and Salvage Electronics

Other surplus wholesalers in the state of Arkansas include:

Surplus Warehouse, located at 2223 West Walnut Street in Rogers, has a variety of closeout inventories, overstocks, and shelf pulls.  There's also a Walmart Super Center right near there. 

For currently available items and other information, call 479-621-7090.

Surplus Warehouse, located at 3106 South Thompson Street in Springdale, has a variety of consumer electronics from store returns. 

For currently available items and other information, call 479-756-2924.

Also, try any of these discount businesses for small notebook computers and other electronics and super low prices:

When in Little Rock, especially if you are a college student, buy your electronics at the University of Arkansas Computer Store.

Rent-A-Center has a number of convenient locations, including two in Little Rock, one in Springdale (479-306-6002), and one in Fayetteville.

Also in Fayetteville, try Computer Solutions of Fayetteville on North College Avenue, or AAA Business Systems, located on North Drake Street.

Expect good deals at All Audio Visual Services, which is located in Springdale.  For directions and other information, call 479-756-0888.

Staples is located at 12309 Chenal Parkway in Little Rock (501-404-5063), with an Apple store just a few blocks up the road. 

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