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To Really Make Money Online in All 50 States, visit this link.

Or read this page to learn how to make money online in the state of Oregon.

Five Ways to Really Make Money Online

1. Become an Online Seller 

Many Oregon-based work-at-home professionals make money online by selling goods and services.

Research this idea by visiting ebay, etsy, and Amazon to see what sells for what prices.

Find deeply discounted merchandise at thrift stores, yard sales, junk shops and flea markets.

Buy inventory priced far below wholesale at local factory outlets.

Here's a short list of wholesale distributors and outlet malls in Oregon:

American International Marketing in Portland

Bend Factory Stores (13 outlets)

Columbia Gorge Premium Outlets in Troutdale (41 stores)

Pacific Northwest Marketplace in Phoenix (10 stores)

Seaside Factory Outlets (12 stores)

Tanger Outlet in Lincoln City

Woodburn Company Stores (96 outlets)

2. Search Craigslist.

Home business owners who wish to Really Make Money Online scan craigslist every day for remote employment opportunities. 

Look in your field of interest or area of expertise, and apply for all positions that apply to you. Even workers with no special skills can get administrative jobs online.

With each reply, send a well written intro letter and attach a Professional Resume.

3. Contact Big Businesses.

Large companies throughout the state of Oregon have numerous positions available for work-from-home professionals.

Contact major Oregon business by visiting the career pages of each company's website.

These are some of Oregon's largest employers:

Advanced Navigation and Positioning Corporation

Bank of the Cascades

Edge Wireless

Frontier Management

Integra Telecom

Legacy Health System


Oregon Health & Science University

Portland Art Museum

Samaritan Health Services

4. Build a Website.

To really make money online in almost any business venture, a dedicated SEO website is an absolute must.

Learn how to build your own SEO website and watch your business grow.

A typical website builder's software package costs about $300 per year, and is WELL worth the money.

5. Be an Independent Contractor.

Here's a list of home based businesses popular in Oregon:

Administrative Services

Adult Classes

After School Workshops




General Contracting Services

Home Delivery

Internet Research


Today is as good a day as any to start your own business and make real money, in Oregon or anywhere in America.

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