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This page features a complete list of PhD programs at Universities in the state of Delaware. In other words, Delaware State University in Dover, and University of Delaware in Newark.

Delaware's five major colleges are Delaware State University, Goldie-Beacom College, University of Delaware, Wesley College, and Wilmington University.

Of these, only Delaware State University and University of Delaware offer PhD degree programs.

Delaware State University


PhD Programs:

Biology (Cellular; General; Molecular; Neuro)


Education (Science)

Mathematics (Applied)

Physics (Theoretical)

University of Delaware


PhD Programs:


Animal Science

Art Conservation

Art History



Biology (General; Biotech; Cell; Oncological)


Chemical Engineering


Civil Engineering

Cognitive Science

Computer Science & Engineering

Criminal Justice


Education (Counseling; Curriculum; Instruction; Leadership)

Electrical Engineering

Emergency Management


Environmental Engineering, Management & Policy

Food Science


Historic Preservation

History (General; Science & Technology)

Human Development

Information Sciences

International Affairs



Materials Science & Engineering


Mechanical Engineering



Political Science



Wildlife Ecology

Online PhD Degree Programs

University of Phoenix

PhD Programs:

Business Administration


Health Administration


Criminal Justice



University of Phoenix is an accredited University with a full range of online Bachelors, Masters, and PhD programs. Here's where you can earn an Online PhD Degree.

University of Phoenix maintains campuses most U.S. states, with the exception of Alaska, Delaware, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

However, residents of these states can still take online courses at this school, as well as at campus-based colleges throughout the state.

Universities throughout America provide all the basic arts, sciences and humanities courses that are normally offered at a typical four-year liberal arts college. Among the common areas of study are Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Education, Psychology, English, and various fields of Engineering.

Most Universities that offer PhD programs also offer Online degree programs in most areas of study. Thanks to the invention of the internet, today's college students can major in anything, from anywhere.

Among the most popular majors at universities in the state of of Delaware are Biomedical and Health Sciences.

If possible, consider earning your degree at a university that offers PhD programs in your particular field of study, regardless of which degree you are earning.

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