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Five Ways to Make Money Selling Online Goods and Services

1. Buying & Selling Online

Selling is just one of many ways to earn money online.

Simply buy goods at below wholesale prices, then sell them on ebay, etsy, craigslist, and/or Amazon. Before you begin, research these websites to see what other sellers are doing. 

Sellers buy inventory at lower-than-wholesale prices by scavenging local thrift stores and yard sales, and by visiting discount factory outlets.

Here's a list of popular wholesale distributors in the state of Kentucky:

Butler Outlet Mall in Carrollton (5 stores)

Dry Ridge Outlet Center in Dry Ridge (16 stores)

Eddyville Outlet Center in Eddyville (21 stores)

Factory Stores of America in Georgetown (37 stores)

Factory Stores of America in Hanson (4 stores)

2. Search Craigslist.

Many sellers Make Money Selling Online by scanning craigslist for low-cost merchandise, sold by consumers who are just trying to get rid of it. 

You can also use craigslist to search for jobs you can do online from home. Click on your general area. Click on Jobs. Check the box that says Telecommute. Hit Enter.  

Apply for all employment opportunities that appeal to you.  Also search for temporary jobs in the Gigs section.

3. Contact Major Employers.

Many large businesses in the state of Kentucky offer a wide range of work-from-home positions. Contact many large companies throughout the state by visiting the career pages of their websites. Find remote employment opportunities and apply.

Remember to include an error-free into letter and a Professional Resume.

Here's a list of major employers in the state of Kentucky:

Accent Systems

Bank of America

Baptist Hospital East

Bank of Kentucky

Churchill Downs

General Cable


Lexmark International

Norton Healthcare System


Steel Technologies


4. Build a Website.

The surest way to Make Money Selling Online is to build your own visitor-friendly, keyword-rich, Search-Engine-Optimized website. 

An SEO website built from an all-inclusive website design package costs only about $300 a year, and that includes all instructions and 24/7 email tech support.

It pays to learn how to do it yourself.

If you are too busy to build your own website, you are likely too busy to successfully run your own business.

5. Become a Freelance Professional.

Here are some examples of businesses you can start from home in Kentucky:

At-home Childcare

At-Home Elder care

Automotive Care & Maintenance

Consulting Services

General Contracting

Guided Tours

Housework / Yard Work / Gardening

Transportation Services


Find creative ways to advertise your business on websites like ebay, craigslist, your website, and others.

Additionally, you can always do things the old fashioned way and post a lot of signs around town.

There's no better time than now to run your own home business and start making money online.

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