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This Homework Answer page links to population, history and geography facts for kids and adults.

Click on any one of the frequently asked questions shown below for a brief but descriptive answer. 

Learn about United States land areas, important historical figures, populations, cultural advances, and more.


How old is the United States? A brief glance at early American history.

When did the American Revolution start? - A short summary of the series of wars that led to the founding of the United States.

What state was called Franklin? - People not from there don't often know that there ever was such a U.S. state.

What are some interesting facts about the state of Virginia? - Historical significance, population, tourism and more.

What are some interesting facts about Kentucky? 
- History, horses, landscape and more. 

When did Texas become a State? - Notes on the founding of the "Lone Star State." 

Where was the first public library in the United States? - and some interesting facts about the city. 

What is the oldest state park in America? - Hint: It's flooded.


Why Is Reading Important?

Printable Stories, Poems, and Reading Games


What is geography? - A simple description of a tough subject.

In what hemisphere is the United States? - It depends on how you slice the world in half.

Where can I find a printable map? - Links to dozens of free printable maps representing parts of America, as well as other parts of the world.

What is the largest state in America? - Hint: Not everyone believes it's actually "IN" America.

What is the smallest state in America? - Map and summary of America's littlest state.

Where is the Grand Canyon? - A short summary of one of America's biggest tourist attractions.


How many people live in the United States? - Population statistics, overall and by state.

What is the population of California? - Population stats and maps with states and cities.

What is American citizenship? - Legal definition, basic requirements and citizenship test questions.


What are some interesting facts about the Empire State Building? - Brief summary and fun facts about a popular American landmark.

What are some interesting facts about the Statue of Liberty? - Brief summary and fun facts about another popular American landmark.

Where are the coolest Roller Coasters in America? - Brief descriptions and photos of America's fastest, farthest and just-plain scariest roller coaster rides.

Who invented baseball? - and other fascinating facts about the game.

More Homework Answer Materials

Fact and Photo Galleries for All 50 States and Washington DC.

Dates Of Statehood

State Firsts  

WWII Facts For Every State 

State Websites

State Newspapers 

Printable Worksheets


Whether you're studying for an upcoming exam or just trying to get to know the country better, be sure to check back here often. New questions (and answers) are being added all the time to this homework answer page.

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