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Or scroll down to find discount airfares, charter buses, vacation packages, hotel deals, and other useful tips for traveling to and around the state of Ohio.

Ohio has quite a few interesting large cities, a variety of affordable accommodations, and numerous local events and attractions.

While you're there, sample some of Ohio's Traditional Cuisine.

Discount Flights

The cheapest rates on flights to Ohio usually involve landing in Cincinnati, Cleveland, or Columbus. Many nearby towns, cities, and states are accessible from there via ground transportation.

You can get a very cheap round trip ticket to Ohio from almost anywhere, especially during off seasons.

Here's are some ways to lower the cost of air travel:

1. Select a "Name Your Own Price" option on

To get started, visit priceline, search your desired dates and destination, then click the "Name Your Own Price" option. Doing this can save you up to 40 percent on airfare.

Beware that certain rules apply to naming your own price on priceline. You must accept a fixed itinerary, and no part of your payment can be refunded. 

2. Make all travel arrangements online at least two weeks in advance.

3. Search for low-cost points of arrival and departure. Some cities are cheaper to fly to than others.

4. Remain flexible regarding your dates and times of travel.

Compare prices for all major airports accessible from your area. You might be able to save more money by landing at particular airports, then taking ground travel to your desired destination.

Amtrak, Trailways, and Greyhound Locations

The state of Ohio is served by the Greyhound and Trailways bus lines. 

Greyhound provides passenger service to many Ohio cities.  Call 800-231-2222 for schedules and fare info.

Go here for a Complete List of Greyhound Locations.

Ohio Trailways is based in Ottawa (Excursion Trailways) and Newbury (Precious Cargo Trailways).  For fares, schedules, and further info, call 419-523-3500 or 440-543-9272.

Train Travel

Many travelers use Amtrak Travel for getting around Ohio. 

Ohio Amtrak Stations are situated at Alliance, Bryan, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Elyria, Sandusky, and Toledo.

For fares and scheduling info, call 1-800-USA-RAIL.

Check Amtrak's website for maps, discount deals, special offers and other information.

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