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Or read this page for ways to work from home in New Hampshire.

1. Become an Online Retailer 

In New Hampshire, many at-home entrepreneurs and local artisans, earn a living selling goods and services on ebay, etsy and Amazon.

Some sellers fashion their own goods or offer up their skills as services. Other sellers acquire goods priced below wholesale at places like Goodwill stores, thrift shops, garage sales, and flea markets. Some sellers even go dumpster diving. Whatever works.

You can also purchase large items or bulk items in good as new condition from wholesale factory outlets near you.  

Here's a short list of popular wholesale distributors and discount factory outlets in the state of New Hampshire:

Merrimack Premium Outlets has 107 stores.

Settler's Green Outlet Village in North Conway has 58 stores.

Red Barn Factory Stores, also in North Conway, has 6 wholesale inventories to choose from

Tanger Outlets has a store in Tilton.

2. Search for Jobs on Craigslist.

Scan craigslist and other job posting websites for remote gigs you can do from home.  At any given time, numerous administrative gigs, labor gigs, and skilled professional services are offered.

Visit at least one of these websites every day. Craigslist is probably the best way to get a from home job work online or land independent gigs.

Reply to all listings that match your skill set and pay reasonably well. 

Remember to include a well written cover letter and attach a Professional Resume.

3. Contact Big Businesses.

New Hampshire has numerous from home job work opportunities.

Contact many New Hampshire businesses by visiting the career pages of their websites, and inquire about available remote positions. 

Here are some of the largest employers in New Hampshire:

Bottomline Technologies

Concord Hospital

Fisher Scientific International

Fidelity Investments

Merchants Automotive

Monadnock Community Hospital

New Hampshire International Speedway

Ocean National Bank

Pragmatech Software


4. Build a Website.

There's nothing like building a dedicated SEO website to promote the success of today's independent home businesses. 

A professional website design software package costs about $300 per year, and usually yields at least ten times that much in earnings from well placed ads.

5. From Home Job Work as an Independent Contractor

Here's a list of home based businesses popular in New Hampshire:

Administrative Services



Employment Agency

General Contracting Services

Guided Tours


Transportation Services


No matter what state you live in, now is the best time to start a home business.

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