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Enjoy classy, low-cost accommodations, fun, free activities, fine regional cuisine, and other local treasures that don't cost a fortune.

Score a Cheap Flight Ticket

Alabama has 180 airports. Among the best cheap flight ticket strategies are traveling between major cities, and purchasing your ticket on at least two weeks in advance.

Taking advantage of priceline's promotional features can lower your airfare to about the cost of a round trip bus ride.

Simply visit priceline, search your desired dates and destination, then click the "Name Your Own Price" option. Doing this can save you up to 40 percent on your flight.

Beware that certain rules apply to naming your own price on priceline.

For example, no changes can be made to your itinerary, and no part of your payment can be refunded.

For maximum savings, book your flight at least two weeks in advance.

Also, compare prices for all major airports accessible from your area. For example, it is at this time about fifty dollars cheaper to land in Huntsville or in Birmingham than it is to arrive in Montgomery.

Or you can touch down in Atlanta for even less money, and take Greyhound or Trailways to your Alabama destination.


Two major bus lines serving the state of Alabama are Greyhound and Trailways. Greyhound Stations are peppered throughout the state.

Go here for a Complete List of Greyhound Locations.

Trailways, based in Montgomery, stops at Brent, Camden, Creola, Grove Hill, Jackson, Marion, Mobile, Mt. Vernon, Pine Hill, Selma, Thomasville, and Tuscaloosa.


Amtrak Stations in Alabama are located at Anniston, Birmingham, and Tuscaloosa.

Another nearby Amtrak station is located at Meridian Mississippi, about 30 miles west of the Alabama-Mississippi border.

Also accessible via Amtrak is Atlanta, Georgia, only 60 miles east of Alabama.

Check Amtrak's website for deals and special offers.

Other available transportation options in Alabama's metro areas are Airport to Hotel shuttles, local taxi services, and rented passenger vehicles.

Still, despite the many transportational possibilities, the most cost-effective and healthiest way to get around your favorite Alabama cities is on a good old fashioned bicycle.

Hit this link for a free printable Map of Alabama.

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