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Read on to score the lowest possible rates on car insurance in the state of Missouri. Shown here are the latest average rates, demographics, state laws and fast facts pertaining to Missouri car insurance. Here's how to find the right premium package for your budget.

Average Auto Insurance Rates

The average annual premium for auto insurance in the state of Missouri was $1,056 last year, quite a bit below the national average of $1,347.

Car insurance premiums are determined by Actuaries who base their results on many factors. Site-specific variables include weather conditions, topography, economy, percentage of uninsured drivers, crime rate and population density, for instance.

Other influences on annual premiums are individual demographics like the age, gender, marital status, driving history, criminal record and vehicle type of the driver, among other things.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance

Driving an uninsured vehicle in Missouri is punishable by a suspended driver's license, or the assessment of four points on an active driver's license. Naturally, repeat offenders face increasingly harsh penalties.

Minimum Liability Requirements

Missouri state law imposes a minimum of 25/50/10 in coverage per vehicle.

In other words, Missouri car owners have to buy $25,000 in Personal Injury Protection, $50,000 against death or injury to others, and no less than $10,000 against property damage.

Still, minimums on car insurance required by state law are often not enough cover the actual costs of an auto accident.  That's why researchers at the Insurance Information Institute suggest 100/300 coverage for all privately owned vehicles in America. They also recommend Uninsured Motorist (UMI) coverage in the event of being hit by an uninsured vehicle.

Lowering the Cost of Car Insurance

Most Missouri auto insurance companies offer discounts, such as, for example

Accident-Free discounts,

Anti-Theft Device discounts,

Good Driver discounts,

Good Student discounts,

Multiple Automobiles discounts,

Multiple Policy discounts,

Vehicle Safety discounts

Defensive Driving Course discounts,

...and more. When calling around for insurance quotes, apply for as many discounts as possible. This is the best way to cut the cost of car insurance, sometimes by as much as 30 percent or more.

More drastic measures for lowering auto insurance costs include moving to another state that offers cheaper premiums.

Getting Car Insurance Group Quotes

According to recent consumer reports, the top ten auto insurance carriers in Missouri are Amica Mutual, Erie, Auto Owners Insurance, Shelter Insurance, State Farm, Geico, Alfa, Kemper, Country and Encompass.

At the same time, many Missouri drivers opt for smaller providers like Direct General.

Either way, Missouri features a broad array of auto insurance agents who offer competitive rates.

Call a few, ask about discounts, and compare quotes. You can also get free quotes online.

Then choose the carrier that offers the biggest discounts.

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