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This summary outlines rates, laws, demographics, and other pertinent specs regarding car insurance in the state of Michigan.

Keeping track of just a few important details is as good as putting money in the bank.

Here's how you can customize your own Michigan auto insurance package at optimally low rates.

Average Car Insurance Auto Quote in Michigan

Michigan's annual car insurance premium was roughly $2,738 in 2016, miles above the national average of $1,347.

Michigan is, on average, the most expensive state in the nation to buy car insurance. 

Michigan's sky high insurance premiums for vehicle owners may result from a problematic economic landscape that started with the collapse of the auto industry.

Also weighing into the calculations are Michigan's high crime rates (especially Detroit), and the higher than average percentage of uninsured vehicles.

Also, Michigan is a “no-fault” state. This means that car insurance carriers will cover costs no matter who is at fault. Michigan's no-fault law drives up annual premiums.

However, Michigan's no-fault system provides auto accident victims with unlimited, lifetime medical benefits for treatment of their injuries. Whatever is not covered by insurance is paid for by the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association, a nonprofit organization run by the state.

Michigan Minimum Liability Coverage

The minimum requirement for vehicles owned in the state of Michigan is a per-vehicle insurance coverage amount of 20/40/10. That means for each car, the owner must buy at least $20,000 in Personal Injury Protection, $40,000 in per-accident protection, and $10,000 coverage against property damage.

All too often, state-mandated minimums do not cover the actual cost of an accident. That's why economists recommend at least 100/300 coverage for drivers in every state, plus whatever is the state's minimum coverage against property damage.

Economists also recommend Uninsured Motorist Insurance (UMI) for Michigan drivers. Approximately 19% of vehicles on Michigan roads are uninsured. Michigan ranks highly among U.S. states for the percentage of uninsured vehicles on the road.

Penalties for Uninsured Drivers in Michigan

The standard penalty for driving without insurance in Michigan (if you get caught) is a $500 fine and/or up to 12 months jail time. The severity of the punishment is determined based on prior traffic-related convictions, and whether or not an accident has occurred.

Discount Car Insurance in Michigan

Michigan car insurance companies offer a variety of special discounts as behavioral incentives to encourage healthy driving habits.

Claim an Accident-Free Discount by avoiding accidents for three years.

Snag a Good Driver Discount if you have NO moving violations for three years.

Score a Good Student Discount for high grades.

Grab a Multiple Auto Discount if you own two or more vehicles.

The Multiple Policy Discount benefits holders of more than one insurance policy with the same carrier.

And so on...

Call around and ask your local agents for full details on discount car insurance in Michigan. Get a Car Insurance Auto Quote.  Then compare costs and choose the cheapest deal. It's that simple.

Get a Car Insurance Auto Quote

According to recent consumer reviews, Michigan drivers prefer Geico, 21st Century, and Auto Owners Insurance.

Still, many Michigan residents opt for smaller, regional carriers like Farm Bureau Insurance or Hastings Mutual.

Car insurance is mandatory in Michigan, but there are many dozen insurance companies to choose from.

Call around and compare free online quotes. Remember to inquire about their discounts. Above all, read consumer reviews.

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