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This handy page provides stats, facts and average rates on Montana car insurance. Following these simple steps, you can customize an optimal Montana auto insurance package that works for you.

Montana is the state in which you are least likely to receive a traffic ticket. However, don't let statistics fool you. Montana car owners still face high premiums on car insurance.

Auto Insurance Rates in Montana

The average yearly premium for car insurance on a vehicle owned in Montana was about $2,297 last year. The national average for the same time period was $1,347. Last year Montana was the 2nd most expensive state in the nation to purchase car insurance. 

One reason for the jacked up premium rates could be that Montana is also ranked 6th among states in deaths caused by speeding. Despite the sparse population, statistics have shown that states with wide open spaces encourage drivers to speed.

Penalties for Driving an Uninsured Vehicle in Montana

For the first offense, the penalty is a fine as high as five hundred dollars and/or ten days in jail.

A second offense within five years following the first offense results in higher fines, ten days in jail and a suspended license, until proof of insurance is provided.

Third and subsequent convictions within a five year period result in fines of up to five hundred dollars, six months in jail, and maybe even having the license revoked.

Minimum Liability for Vehicles owned in Montana

According to Montana state law, car owners must buy 25/50/10 Car and Auto Insurance for each owned vehicle. In other words, drivers in the state of Montana are legally required to purchase at least $25,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP), $50,000 in per-accident coverage, and $10,000 against property damage.

Still, insurance experts all over America insist that 100/300 coverage is more realistic, considering the real costs of an accident. Experts also push for UMI coverage, which protects drivers hit by uninsured motorists, or by drivers who flee the scene of an accident.

Low Cost Car and Auto Insurance in Montana

Montana Car insurance companies offer competitive rates and incentive discounts to drivers who drive responsibly.

The Accident Free Discount is for avoiding all accidents for three years.

The Good Driver Discount is for avoiding moving violations.

The Good Student Discount is for adult full time students who excel academically.

The Multiple Auto Discount is for owners of more than one vehicle.

These are just a few of the auto insurance discounts available in Montana. 

Car and Auto Insurance Quotes in Montana

Based on recent consumer reviews, the most popular nationally recognized auto insurance providers in Montana are AAA, Allstate, Geico, Farm Bureau, Nationwide, State Farm and 21st Century Insurance.

Still, many Montana car owners prefer smaller local carriers like Western National.

Montana is home to countless car insurance agents, all of them offering coverage at competitive rates. 

So call around, compare quotes, and apply for every available discount. Doing this can add up to hundreds of dollars saved each year in car insurance premiums.

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