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For Bedroom Furniture Stores, electronics stores, and all sorts of designer fashions at wholesale factory outlets all over America, scroll down to the links below to view a detailed list.  


Factory outlets always carry a huge assortment of quality items such as apparel, furniture, shoes, accessories, electronics, sporting goods, music, toys, gourmet foods, bedding, and more.  Items from factory outlet stores are often sold at wholesale prices.  Visit local your outlet malls to get affordable quality items.  



This page features a detailed list of wholesale factory outlet malls in the state of Maine.  The state of Maine is home to at least 5 factory outlet malls. 

Maine also has at least one major surplus wholesaler.


Bedroom Furniture Stores and More

Bangor Mall, located in Bangor, features 62 factory outlet stores to shop through. For store hours, driving directions and other info, call (207) 947-7334.


Freeport Maine Outlets is located in Freeport, near Portland, and has 31 factory outlet stores to choose from.  For a mall map and more info, visit their website or call 800-865-1994.


Kittery Premium Outlets in Kittery (near Boston) has 58 discount stores to satisfy all of your shopping needs. For store hours, mall info, and other pertinent details, call 207-439-6548.   


Kittery Tanger Outlets in Kittery (near Boston) has 18 factory outlet stores to choose from.  For driving directions and other details, call 207-439-6822.


The Kittery Outlets in Kittery (near Portland) has 88 discount stores to choose from. For store hours, a list of stores, mall info, and other pertinent details, call (888) 548-8379.  


Maine Surplus Wholesalers

C2C Wholesale is located at 237 South Main Street in Athen. This wholesaler sells many types of surplus merchandise and close outs direct from the manufacturer. Items are available by the pallet.  Call 207-654-3510.



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