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Recommended Apps for iPhone


FIRST AID BY AMERICAN RED CROSS offers basic tips on emergency medical care.

SMOKEY BEAR tells you how to properly build and extinguish a campfire.

STUDENT AID.GOV lists financial service options for educational programs

SCIENCE.GOV MOBILE allows the user to quickly look up science-related questions.


ANSWERS.ED.GOV knows it all for you.

SMITHSONIAN CHANNEL teaches about science, nature and the Universe.

NATIONAL AIR AND SPACE MUSEUM features detailed info on planes, rocket ships and all things airborne.

NASA APP brings you the latest photos from our trips into outer space.


M.CANCER.GOV raises cancer awareness and suggests local resources.

QUITSTART is for people who wish to give up smoking.

SAMHSA TREATMENT LOCATOR features local listings and phone numbers of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services.

AIDS.GOV provides info and resources for people and families affected by HIV. 

UV-INDEX allows you to monitor ultra violet intensity and air quality at any location.



SOS offers step-by-step instructions on the correct response to various emergency situations.

FIND A HEALTH CENTER features addresses and contact info for clinics in your area.

BMI CALCULATOR calculates your Body Mass Index, a ratio of fat to muscle.

MY-FOOD-A-PEDIA gives calorie content and nutritional values of many different foods.



THE WHITE HOUSE lets you in on the latest Presidential news. To use this, you might also need to get a lie detector app.

FBI MOST WANTED - Lets you see fugitives, hopefully before they see you.



SMART TRAVELER - frequently updated country information, travel alerts, travel maps, U.S. embassy locations and more. Create personal itineraries, add notes and organize trips.

SAFER BUS - View and access the safety performance of commercial motor carriers.

AIRPORT WAIT TIMES lets you know when planes REALLY take off.



LABOR STATS provides demographic employment and salary info from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

US-POSTAL-SERVICE-TOOLS can speed up correspondence and help shorten or eliminate long lines at the post office.

SBA (Small Business Administration) helps you start, grow and organize your business.




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