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Amtrak Jobs are available in your area.  There are typically no less than 200 Amtrak Jobs available throughout the United States on any given day.

Amtrak employees earn anywhere from $10 to $55 per hour, doing just about every type of job you can name.

Visit the Career page of Amtrak's website for currently available positions in your area.  

For Amtrak vacation packages and cost-cutting travel strategies anywhere in America, visit the links shown below. 

Amtrak passenger train service is widely available throughout the United States.

Per passenger mile, Amtrak is 30 to 40 percent more energy-efficient than commercial airlines and automobiles overall.  

Go here for a Complete List of Amtrak Locations.

For fares and scheduling info, call 1-800-USA-RAIL.
Check Amtrak's website for maps, discount deals, special offers and other information.

Amtrak Routes

Shown above is a map of Amtrak Routes across America.

Amtrak trains carry roughly 30 million passengers each year over more than 21,000 miles of track, although only 730 miles of it is actually owned by Amtrak.  

Amtrak's train routes are connected by a "captive" bus service called Thruway Motorcoach.  

The only U.S. states without Amtrak passenger service are Wyoming and South Dakota.

These days, most Amtrak passengers have access to WiFi throughout their trip.  

Amtrak Jobs

Amtrak's headquarters are located at Union Station in Washington DC.

Amtrak employs more than 20,000 people in a diverse variety of professions throughout the United States.

Amtrak offers jobs as train conductors, construction workers, police officers, station managers, accountants, inside sales professionals, IT professionals, locomotive engineers, manufacturers and mechanics, to name just a few specialized positions available to qualified, trained professionals.

Also on the table are administrative jobs, sales jobs, cleaning jobs, maintenance work, train station attendant jobs, concession jobs, and numerous other entry level employment opportunities.

Visit Amtrak's website for a complete list of job opportunities, searchable by state or by type of employment desired.

Amtrak is an equal opportunity employer.

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