Alaska Cruise Small Ship Tours

These days, Alaska Cruise Small Ship Adventures are becoming more and more suitable to our increasingly downsized lifestyles.  

The smaller Alaska touring vessels provide all the features of larger tour boats in a more intimate, personalized setting. Many a jaded tourist has found that larger cruise ships evoke the feeling of being trapped inside a giant shopping mall once you leave the dock.

People seeking the ultimate Alaska small ship experience generally ride on enclosed, heated, fully equipped catamarans with a Captain and a small crew to guide them.

Small ship tours are commonly available in Juneau, for parties of up to six passengers. Other small cruising vessels carry as many as fifty passengers. Licensed tour boats are usually equipped with high tech features like hydrophones, which are lowered into the water so passengers can hear how whales communicate with one another.

Even the smaller touring boats are fully insured, Coast Guard approved vessels with all the necessary safety features. On smaller boats, fishermen, whale watchers, and wildlife photographers view an unlimited variety of exotic marine animals.

The smallest catamaran can comfortably accommodate as many as twelve passengers, but you can also charter a private vessel for an even more intimate experience. 

Travel Alaska's inside passage. Explore the unspoiled rain forests and the Mendenhall Glacier. Watch in wonder as seals, sea lions, bald eagles and Brown bears feed on the spawning salmon. See Humpback whales leaping gracefully through the waves. Whales are so common in this region that most whale watching cruise groups issue refunds if no whales are sighted.

Alaska Cruise Small Ship Companies

Some of the most popular and well reviewed Alaska cruise small ship services are Alaska Cruise Lines, Lindblad Expeditions, Silversea Cruises, and Un-Cruise Adventures, to name only a few. 

Countless guided boating tours are available at numerous points along Alaska's 5,580 miles of coastline. 

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Outside of Juneau, you can take a trip in a small ship around Barrow, where you might find out What Whale Tastes Like.

Or visit the artist colony of Halibut Cove, accessible only by boat. 

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